Lawn sofas - furniture in ecology
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We continue to publish interesting and useful articles from the world of natural and living plants. Time fan oneself, pour cold water, dreaming of the air conditioner, or a glass of soft drink on the table by the pool. Another great walk barefoot on the cool grass after watering, especially when the day was unusually hot.

Lawn sofas - furniture in ecology

For fans of the entertainment landscape designers of Nevada offer special, green in the literal sense of the word sofas called Sod Sofas. True, this furniture is suitable not for everyone, and it is not so much that some people may not like the look or design of the sofa. The fact that this furniture is designed exclusively for the streets, and only for those regions, where almost always dry and sunny. Sod Sofas are not just so called "lawn" - actually they are covered with turf grass, very real, alive and green. So, judging by the illustrations, you can create a huge lawn couch for the whole family or a large company, and chair, sofa or chaise lounge for personal use to relax in the backyard with a book or laptop on your lap. Plastic (or stainless steel?) Slab-foundation will do so to the seat was solid, and a layer of soil above it is sown with grass or covered with a layer of sod, which can be watered and cut, like a normal lawn in the park. Wow, perhaps, to lie on this couch, basking in the sun, feeling her bare feet tickling hard cool grass! Perhaps the authors of this project, residents of Black Rock City, know this firsthand.


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