Flower color or color range of colors that mean?
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Цвет цветка, белые желтые красные алые черные розовые цветовые гаммы, что означают цвет цветов Flowers have long been another means of expressing your feelings. They gave and continue to give everything the holidays. Everyone knows that flowers - a gift. There are many ways to choose flowers as a gift: you can rely on your taste, look at the rules of flower etiquette, and you can even choose a bouquet depending on the hair color of the recipient. In this article you will learn the meaning of red, scarlet, yellow, green, orange, purple, blue, blue, green, white and black flowers and bouquets.

Flower color or color range of colors that mean?

In this article we'll show you how to pick the flowers, bearing in mind that the color value of color (excuse the tautology). What do you mean the color? From a physical point of view of color - a light of different frequencies. Each color has its own frequency. The largest frequency is red - that's why the red - the color of caution. Light - nothing like the energy fluctuations. Depending on the color of the flowers of plants energy fluctuations affect different areas of our lives. The color has played a big role in therapy. Colors affect your mood and can be treated. We often instinctively choose when buying clothes or furniture, just the colors that correspond to our state of mind. No one opinion about what it means to color flowers. Every country has its own characteristics, which arose under the influence of local traditions. For example, in Mexico and Brazil are likely to abandon a bouquet of purple flowers, which means death. In Guatemala, the white is mourning. And in Chile, yellow flowers symbolize contempt. If you find yourself in Africa, Kenya, be sure to note that in this country presented with flowers to express his condolences.

What does the colors of the flowers?

Red - means life, love, freedom, celebration, and at the same time, fire and blood. Bunch of red or red roses will soon regarded as an expression of passion, rather than as a declaration of love.
Yellow flower - for some reason is the color separation and betrayal, in fact yellow - the color of the sun, the color of warmth, intelligence. Will especially appreciate this color Englishmen, as the islands of Great Britain is very little sun.
Greenish-yellow flower - hatred, jealousy, infidelity, perversity. It is not necessary to give a woman a greenish-yellow orchid, so as not to arouse suspicion!
Orange color of the flower - the joy, warmth, sun, power, harvest, happiness, celebration. Bouquet of marigold or tagetisa looks bright and gives a lot of joy, recalling the warmth of summer and autumn generous.
Purple flower color - the color of the tie, which means sorrow, and at the same time, the greatness, dignity and luxury.
The blue color of the flower - the cold, calm, gravity, energy, infinity, melancholy. Bouquet of blue irises donated by a beloved woman, remind her that she have someone to rely on.
Blue color flower - purity, fidelity, distance. Bouquet of blue bells or nezabudok well present a clean, young, innocent creature.
Green - the world, passivity, rest. Tracks with lots of greenery will help create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.
Light-green flower - clean, fun. Bunches with bright green in spring are especially good.
White flower - is a neutral color that contrasts strongly with all dark colors, makes a light, fun. Symbolically white flowers are seen as purity, innocence, in some countries, due to the religious traditions of Shintoism, Buddhism and other religions - in mourning.
Black - it's a neutral color. The black color is usually a sad, grave solemnity or what is in mourning. But this does not mean that it is impossible to give flowers this color scheme for those who love them. With this color should be more careful. Black roses, for example, are good only if they are to place or very loved by the recipient of the bouquet. It is not necessary to give black flowers very often.


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