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Among the earliest cultivated plants and flowering pansies occupy one of the first places in floriculture. Variety of colors and color combinations just incredible: from pure white to almost black with all shades of yellow, blue, red. In the center of the flower is often a mark of the original forms and colors.

Pansies - violet tricolor

This plant also called viola, and its scientific name - violet Vitrokka. But we in Russia it fondly referred to as "pansies" and this name is so common that only as "Annie" already and not say. There is a legend that the flower has evolved after many years waiting for a true girlfriend Annie, who conducted once the groom to the protection of the native side, who never came back. And now, many years ago, are pansies near the road, with the hope of "peering" into the distance. Pansies in antiquity ascribed property bewitch love: it is necessary only to juice plants sprinkled on eyelids sleeping man, and wait for it to wake up - love forever. The French and the Poles are presented with pansies in memory at parting. And in England, was born a tradition: a young man, shy to declare his love, it is enough to send his beloved, this dried flower and write his name. Flowers pansies - perennials in height from 15 to 30 cm, they are usually grown as biennials. Their showy flowers repeat the form of a violet. Bush viola at the beginning of the vegetation is compact, then it becomes a sprawling, chief escapes upright, fibrous root system. In the leaf axils pansy flower stalks form the ends of which are crowned with large single flowers with a diameter up to 7 cm special value of pansies is in the early and abundant flowering. In central Russia viola bloom in late April. In the culture of many common varieties of large-violet - complex hybrids obtained in the course of many years of breeding work. Many modern hybrids viola resistant to heat and have the ability to bloom throughout the summer.

Pansies are winter-hardy and fairly Shade culture. However, when grown in partial shade to bloom while longer, but less abundant, the flowers are smaller, not so bright. This plant prefers fertile and moist loam. On poor, dry, sandy soils flowers viola rapidly shrinking, which is particularly pronounced in large-flowered varieties. You should also not be planted pansies in the hollows, where melt waters stagnate, as it leads to rot and death of plants. For good development should also be regularly watered pansies in dry seasons, as well as feed their complex mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and micronutrients. Seedlings of violets useful manure ammonium nitrate and superphosphate (20-40 g per 1 sq. km. M). Keep in mind that pansies can not tolerate fresh manure. Prolongs flowering viola timely removal of faded flowers, which retards the development of seed boxes - otherwise, when maturation of seed plant stops blooming, and then "Annie" quickly dies out (it should be dry, lifeless bush).

Reproduction of pansies violets tricolor

Propagation is violet in different ways, but the main ones are seed propagation and cuttings. Sowing seeds of violets, depending on the flowering of schedule carried out at different times. To obtain an abundant bloom from early spring viola seed in the summer of the previous year, around late June - early July. To grow a compact sprouts, seeds Anyutka "sparsely sown in rows in nurseries or on a well-crafted ridge; shoots appear after 6-14 days. 2-3 weeks after seedling pansy diving, and in late August, transplant to a permanent place (where you want to see the violets blooming the following year) at a distance of 20-25 cm between plants. Sowing pansies in the summer is made so that the plants had well developed before the onset of autumn frosts, but not bloom. To obtain flowering plants in one year viola seeds sown seedlings, in February. Sowing is carried out in a room or greenhouse, preparing boxes or pots filled with loose, moist, fertile soil. Violet seeds rarely spread over the surface of the substrate, on top lightly sprinkled with a thin layer of soil and place the container in a dark place. Pansies germinate in 8-15 days at 15-20 ° C and adequate soil moisture (at a temperature above 25 ° C and the lack of moisturizing substrate seedlings do not appear). After the first germs immediately reduce temperature to 10 ° C and put the plant into the sunlight, and 10-20 days seedlings viola dive. The grown pansies, intended for summer flowering, transplant to a permanent place in early May. Vegetative method of propagation of pansies - cuttings in open ground. This method is simple, economical and effective enough, he can get a lot of planting. Start cuttings of violets in May and June: the final cut bushes green shoots with 2-3 nodes. Seedlings planted in a shady spot close to each other at a depth of no more than 0.5 cm after planting the cuttings watered and sprayed with water. Approximately 3-4 weeks for the cuttings develop roots of violets. With early propagation by cuttings pansies grown from cuttings, bloom in summer or early fall, while the later years of propagation by cuttings - in the spring of next year. Reproduction of violets from cuttings rejuvenates the plant, does not allow the bushes to grow strongly at the expense of flowering. From one well-developed plants in one go you can get about 10 cuttings, and during the summer - 30-45 pieces. Pansies are widely used for floral arrangements. They are planted as a curb plants, carefully tended, planted in the balcony boxes, street vases, flower beds teams. It is also widely used for framing viola planting low, and if desired, and tall trees (even home-grown plants in the trunk), to demarcate the planting of tulips, daffodils, daisies, nezabudok, muscari and other flowers. Alpine slides, too rarely do without "Anyutok. What is the secret of their success? The fact that the apparent fragility of the charming violet extremely unpretentious, they are easily transferred to transplant, even in flourishing condition. They can be planted in the ground in spring as soon as the snow melts - and then to late autumn, a variety of pansies will entertain you with their blooms. Viola tricolor photos you can see in our photo gallery of flowers and bouquets.


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