Christmas flower - a real piece of fairy tales

Christmas flower - a real piece of fairy tales, and the main flower puansetiya

Many modern Christmas traditions come to us from Europe. This is particularly true for the choice of colors for Christmas bouquets. The most important of the flowers for Christmas - it Puansetiya that it is often called the Christmas star. Its bright red color of all familiar. For many it is a normal room flower. Enough to issue a festive flower pot and original bouquet of blooming puansetii become a Christmas gift. Also a tradition for Christmas bouquets using a lot of green and gold colors. The combination of these colors with the solemnity of white carnations, calla lilies or vivid gerbera amaralisa and very effectively and used in all winter bouquets. For Christmas is the most preferred form of a bouquet or a composition in the form of stars or wreaths.
As the Christmas decorations are used igruschki, figurines of Santa Claus, nuts, candles, tangerines, bright ribbons. Tape preferably only the red and golden colors. A little powdered special white powder or glitter, they acquire the charm of this fairy tale. Flowers in the compositions and bright colors give us a little bit of summer heat even in cold winter, and mandarin orange or yellow, small decorative gourds remind of the generous autumn pore. Even for adults who have not believed in miracles, Christmas Day - a celebration of a little mysterious, giving hope for a miracle. Children are the same as on New Year's wait for miracles, and gifts. So donate same to their loved ones a little fairy tale of wonder and fulfillment of wishes in the composition of a winter bouquet. Small, but very welcome gift for children or adults are attached to the Christmas wreaths - than this is not the real miracle?

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