How to give flowers as a gift a bouquet of flowers?

Как правильно дарить цветы How to give flowers - you know exactly? No one doubts that flowers - the most perfect and a nice gift for any occasion (and sometimes not). And indeed it is. Flowers accompanied mankind throughout its historic journey, becoming a symbol of love, beauty, fame, life and death, decay and rebirth. Symbolism of flowers filled the world poetry. Perhaps that is why modern women are so often referred to as the flowers are among the most coveted and memorable gifts.

How to give flowers as a gift a bouquet of flowers?

Of course, in order to pick the flowers as a gift, really do not really need to know their "language", which is a progressive civilization nearly forgotten. So the most that different peoples symbolism of colors so different that the approval of all of the options value is incredible. But still, we might seem at first glance that the bouquet or arrangement will win in the sight of inhabitant of our planet, to whom you donate them, if not quite become only plausible, after all, are filled properly. True, if you do not have no doubt that talking to bestowed on one "flowery" language bother to teach him to clarify whether chosen by themselves using to achieve the desired result panying text, a postcard or a preparatory letter in verse or prose. Second, to understand than is eager to bestow flowers - specifically what they offer. According to the view of experts, often raises confusion between such concepts as "bouquet", "arrangement", "Ikebana". What is the "buttonhole" or "corset" is understood as the saying goes one. Let's start with the flower arrangements. At least as it in general never show. This Japanese ability to create decorations for interior decoration. Tracks are built himself the owner of the building for an "internal" use. In the context of donation can be inspected only set for the flower arrangements, which, however, is also ready to be a great gift for the enthusiastic inhabitants of our planet. Arrangement - Arrangement of colors and accessories for flowers, attached to a special container. As in ikebana, this can be a vase, basket or a component of interior decoration. The origins of this ability is lost in the mists of time. Thus, a special flower vase with holes to strengthen their colors was discovered by archaeologists on the peninsula Fehr (Santorini) in the Aegean Sea. The find dates back 1600-1500 years. BC. er. In ancient Rome, was attended by the virtuoso, in what made wreaths and garlands. Very famous Roman arrangement in the form of a cornucopia. Bouquet of flowers - is a sheaf associated in some way. Bouquet of flowers can be put in a vase, take a walk or to hold in their hands during prazdnichka or ceremony. That flowers in the first place we bestow. However, there have their own subtleties. For example, recognize the fact bouquets for gifts and flowers to wear. And the final release in a separate category of scenery for a suit or dress, who purposely bought for wedding ceremonies and demonstrations. Men's composition of colors in such a situation magnified "boutonniere", female - "corsage." These decorations are not daryatsya and stalking or tone dresses (when the pretext to achieve the desired result of an individual), or according to the situation (when it comes to the ceremony). At this corsage almost always wear a flower down. Example of a traditional bouquet to carry a bunch of wives to work. In concluding, the concept of "flower" and "arrangement" has become little more closely. Thus, a pyramid or a ball of pepper are not considered in the hard-wing words nor those of any other. This is - "object". Objects are extremely popular and fits perfectly into a progressive exterior. With the medal florist object becomes itself a present, decorated with living colors (for example, a box with the spirits), and dried flower.

How to donate flowers, European trends - as presented with flowers in Europe

Here we come close, and approached to the main topic of a bouquet of flowers for donations in respect of which also appear amusing habit of mismatches and reality. It turns out that superstition about even and odd numbers of colors in the bouquet came in very recent past - in the Soviet era - and it did not affect Western Europe, to this day the flowers will present "dozens" (ie the number of multiples of 12, starting 6), or dozens. Scarlet and bright red flowers would not talk so much about the ebullient passions or have intimate relationships between people, how much of love, by definition. In Valentine's day to give a bouquet specifically with reddish colors. In Europe, a bouquet of roses bardovyh usually regarded as the amorous confession. Again, because in consequence of habit, young young women bestow flowers delicate, pastel colors, which is absolutely not to do, taking into account that the fashion for flowers varies with the same speed as the fashion in clothes and furniture. Each year brings its own "trendy" - the most popular destinations, or its constituent parts. And when one of trendov last year was so-called "red danger" that a progressive woman of fashion is the ideal all receive a bouquet of flowers which have a similar hue, regardless of age, community and home situation. Speaking of stylish instructions, it is impossible not to mention those trendy style of the past year, partly retained the power and influence in the coming year as "Byzantium" (dominated by red coloring), "green" trend (introduction to a bouquet of garden herbs), "Fresh Folklore ( application of state of colors and finishing components). This summer's popular and important honey color, honey glow in the bouquet and the decorations and even fancy shapes and textures of the arrangements (recreating). Fashion in tropical flowers. A common form of bouquets are also changed over time. Now present two key reception placement of colors in the bouquet. In applying the helical receiving a bouquet can be very pyshnovatym. When the parallel technique of formation obtained by the vertical graphic flowers, which are set forth in the elegant vase. But of all the possible forms of a truly permanent, beyond fashion and time, proved to come from Germany, "bedermeyer" - a strong bouquet of flowers, which simply put in a vase and all similar just fits into the exterior of any premises. And here is so beloved in Belarus triangular flower with a flat back first considered (and still is considered in all western states) officially mourning. Therefore, to give such flowers not recommended. By the way, if you present flowers citizen of another country or a foreigner, should be mindful of public preferences and dislikes. Now a little about them. Thus, the Swedes are very fond of flowers, carnation, the British believe mourning tangled maroon and white colors, while the French are biased against chrysanthemum, especially in the bridal bouquet.

Tips for men on the "donation" of flowers and bouquets

Gently need to know what colors she likes, and whether she loved them all. To the colors should be treated not as a formal gift, but as a living creature. In frost flowers are the best buy is not on the street, in a warm room. If you send a bouquet by hand, attach business card or postcard with a message. Try not to surprise the size of a bouquet of flowers, and its originality and beauty. So your gift will be remembered longer than the person you filed the flowers. If a woman or girl does not like flowers, give her flowers are individually packed. But the packaging have to be elaborate. If you are giving roses, clear spikes about 2 / 3 the length of the stem. Accessories for the flowers may be ribbons, souvenirs, made specifically for bouquets, special packaging materials, such as palm leaves, dried flowers, fruits, boxes of different colors. As an element of decoration, gift, or use paper roses that are particularly fashionable, various beads and pearls, and small steel beads, put on the grass. Choosing flowers as a gift, be sure to watch for in order to plant leaves were thick and shiny, flower buds - a semi-open states, while the lower petals should not be dry or dried. Before the sale of flowers lose quite a lot of moisture. Therefore, on arrival in the room to make long, thin slice and put them in very warm water (about 45 degrees). Then spray with beech color is the same warm water from the shower. After that the flowers have come alive. In any event, Flowers without packaging look more natural. Yet in the winter to wrap them in newspaper and cellophane packaging, which must be removed within half an hour after entering the room. In the summer, to avoid drying out, too, it is recommended to keep handing a bouquet of flowers in the so-called "wet pack" (special bags are attached, retains moisture in the bouquet). In the arrangement of the moisture will keep the special floral sponge, which you can buy almost any flower shop. We hope that the article was useful for you, and you now know how to give bouquets and flowers.

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