Minsk, though clean, but the title of Green Capital of Europe is not pulling

Interesting news from the world of plants and urban ecology. For previously approved by the European Commission Award of the Green Capital of Europe "battling dozens of European cities, among which is the leading metropolises of Europe, and towns are very modest in size.

Minsk, though clean, but the title of Green Capital of Europe 2011-2012 is not drawn

This contest is designed to stimulate the city to improve the environmental situation in Europe. In its evaluation criteria include such factors as the amount of greenery in the city, air quality, the level of city noise standards for waste management etc. Cities contenders for the honorary title must also demonstrate a real contribution to the fight against climate change. After summarizing the first results of the title of Green Capital of Europe "in 2010 received the Stockholm and in 2011 the year of this honorary title would be Hamburg. The capital of Sweden, standing on an archipelago of 14 islands, is surrounded by beautiful oases l esoparkovymi connected to the city center is very efficient transportation system. To its credit, Stockholm was raised and the world-famous park - Ecopark, the world's first urban national park area of more than 30 square kilometers. Merit Hamburg is noted particularly because the city - the second largest European port and simultaneously the greenest city in Germany. According to experts - ecologists, in Hamburg used a highly efficient green "technologies of municipal economy. In addition, the city is noticeable abundance of plants. Only one city park Pflanzen und Blumen includes a huge botanical garden, tropical greenhouse, and the most extensive in Europe, a Japanese garden. And the other municipal park - Stadtpark is the largest "Green Theatre" in Europe because of the size it is located in an open scene.

Final green capital of Europe

In the spring of this year to the finals came the Spanish city of Barcelona and Vitoria-Gasteys, Sweden Malmo, Nantes French, German, Nuremberg and the Icelandic Reykjavik. Within six months they continued to fight desperately for the win. And the European Commission named the city, which will carry the title of Green Capital of Europe in 2012 and 2013 - Vitoria-Gasteys and Nantes respectively. This was reported by European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potocnik, at a ceremony in Stockholm. The official capital of the Basque Country, Vitoria-city Gasteys is one of the cleanest cities in Spain. Located in the province of Alava Vitoria-Gasteyns was founded in 1181. Today it has about 240 000 people. City Centre is literally surrounded by "green zone". The European Commission noted the merits of the city in the landscaping field, respect for the flora and fauna, as well as substantial progress in implementing many projects to improve water supply and water quality. And here is located in western France, at the mouth of Loire Valley, the sixth largest city in France, Nantes (population 285,000 people) received the title "Green Capital" for the promotion of clean vehicles and successful urban zoning. City officials strongly encourage the use of public transport and bicycles. For example, Nantes became the first French town that has managed to restore its tram network. Located in the picturesque valley of the Loire, which crosses many small streams, Nantes successfully combines in its structure of "green" and "blue" zone in order to preserve the environment and health of its people. Unfortunately Minsk in the list of finalists was not. Recall that to discuss the news you can count on our forum about flowers and plants in Belarus.


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