Decipher the language of plants

Stunning news from the world of plants. The vast majority of species of living plants communicate with each other. And they do it better than ordinary modern people, ie us. It turns out that the tacit flora has its own "Internet" - has its own World Wide Web.

Plants talk - and that now would be a vegetarian?

To send information to each other plants are turning to other members of the wildlife - mushrooms (do not confuse the mushrooms - not plants, but not animals). Network mycorrhiza - a friendly plants species of fungi - entangle root system and are connected underground, creating a unique outreach and communications resources. Through the fungal network of plants can transmit signals of danger. If at some bush accomplished the attack of insects (caterpillars or grasshoppers, for example), aggressive animals or birds, other living plants are involved in "mikointernet" get this information and can promptly respond to the threat, transmit foreign internet sources. One of the most important tasks of Mushroom Networks - notification of the disease. For the fact that plants can avoid disastrous epidemics, it is worth thanking "mushroom Internet, biologists believe, opened a secret underground communications. Described scheme and the interaction of fungi and plants. The finest white mycorrhiza on the roots from the soil efficiently absorbs the chemicals, mainly minerals and water. In turn, the fungi supply these components plants, receiving from them the necessary organic substances: carbohydrates, amino acids and phytohormones. Network of mycorrhizae are an excellent transport of biochemical signals in living plants. In the experiment, scientists studied the seeds of tomato, mushroom compounds are similar to the network. To control the biologists used similar plants, but without the mycorrhiza. First, the researchers infected a dangerous fungal infection is one of the plants, but after 65 hours - the other, watching his resistance to the disease. It was found that the presence of fungal connection, the second plant suffers less from the infection. Scientists believe that using the "mushroom Internet" can communicate with plants of different species. Not be ruled out that in such an underground bioseti hidden secret of survival and diversity of terrestrial flora. In the earlier works was opened plants' ability to "talk" remotely, passing each other with information on the air. For this purpose special chemicals. The main objective of such dialogue - a warning of the danger. Thus, the observed fungal network is the second proven signaling system of plants. Yes, interesting, and that will now have vegitariantsy? Recall that all the news from the world of plants you can discuss in our forum about the plants and flowers. Although our site is about flowers and plants are published, and for a long time the language of flowers - meaning of flowers , ie, what you want to say that giving a bouquet.


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