Flowers tulips from India - tulip paradise in Kashmir
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Kashmiri tulips are attracted to India, flower lovers from around the world. In order that would create a paradise for tulips were dug approximately 600 channels and planted more than 350,000 bulbs.

Flowers tulips from India - tulip paradise

It seems that on the world map, in addition to Holland, there is another "tulip paradise" - the Indian city of Kashmir, where in 2008, was opened tulip garden. To date, this is the biggest field of tulips in Asia. The Indians have noticed that the flow of tourists to their country is activated in April and May - a time when the Kashmir spring flowers are blooming tulips. From this they concluded that tourists go to India, specifically - to admire the blooming tulips Kashmir. The country's economy is flower pilgrimage affects more than positive. Garden in Kashmir actually become a new tourist attraction, and Indian officials stress that they will carefully look after him. Remember that on our site you can order bouquets of tulips and other flowers with free delivery.


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