Modern technology in the cultivation of plants and flowers

Interesting news from the world of plants came from neighboring Russia. The largest company in Chita on growing vegetables and plants created as far back as 1971, experimented with new equipment worth about 10 million Russian rubles.

Modern technology in the cultivation of plants, flowers and vegetables

Everyone knows that a long history of OAO Chernovskie vegetable grower "then how would the first time used a method of hydroponics where the plants will eventually be planted in individual pots. It must be emphasized that when using this method, has already received a positive evaluation by professionals of agriculture, the plant receives, as usual, the necessary nutrients from the way we express ourselves, the special solution. I'd like to emphasize that in the greenhouse with the new equipment organized feeding of parsley, dill, lettuce and other crops of plants and vegetables. It must be emphasized that the pipeline method allows you to reach production capacity of about 310 tysch pots per year and significantly lower production costs - up to 20 Russian rubles per unit. It would be bad if we did not note that the press-service of JSC "Chernov vegetable grower has also put it mildly, reports that the plans as if to make up the costs of implementation, as everyone knows, the latest technology within 2 years. It's no secret that at the current time in the company, after all, operates department for preservation of vegetables with a production capacity would be about 900 tysch cans per year, and just working greenhouses total area of 60 hectares tysch. Recall that discuss the news of plants you can on our Belarusian forum about flowers and plants.


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