World competition florists for wedding bouquets November 3, 2010

This year, floral company Boerma organized in collaboration with the exhibition center industry color "IFTF" exhibition at the Expo Haarlemmereer global competition florists for wedding bouquets. Florist competition held on Wednesday, November 3, 2010, subject: "Bridal Bouquet" with the name "tattered wedding bouquet." The exhibition will feature exceptional and extremely beautiful wedding flowers!

World competition for wedding florists "suspended" bouquet November 3, 2010

Of course, the "live" material, flowers and herbs should be in the lead role in compiling these Lyrics, but, of course, can be combined with interesting floral accessories of all kinds of other words "to this challenge and show their creativity. Dutch representatives have sponsored this events, and on the website Boerma you will find a list of available fresh materials in PDF and Excel. If you want to use any fresh materials, which are not included in the list, then you need to put on an exhibition of their own. Western firm Smithers Oasis will provide up to two spheres of floral foam on the person, and as such round of them must remain a part of your composition. They will also provide "real" Diamante in the form of Oasis Diamante Spray. It is mandatory to use one or two of flower spheres of foam and spray Diamante at your disposal! There are only 25 entries available, so register your membership as soon as possible to speed up! Three works are available on the victory: first place, our 5-day "Bridal Coursework for the sum of 1000 euros or other Boerma Institute S courses similar meaning. It is important to note: wedding bouquet should be "suspended" and must not have the traditional pen, bridal bouquet should be displayed at eye level, approximately 1.70 meters, and participants are responsible for providing their own display system and display. It is useful to note that Chris Martens, managing director of Smithers-Oasis Benelux and Robert Koene, Dutch master designer (and author of two books Lux) and Irma Muse is a very special master in Dutch floral design are members of the jury. Shuttle buses are available in 3 to 5 November 2010 godas IFTF to flower auction FloraHolland, Boerma Instituut and other companies with the house "Open." It is a pity that such competitions in the compilation of wedding bouquets in Belarus we have not yet seen.


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