Moscow will host a master class in complex florists wedding bouquets
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Moscow Training Center Znatel "invites you to attend a master class devoted to wedding bouquets of flowers high complexity, which will be held at our Training Centre florist.

Master class on complex wedding bouquet of flowers

You will learn: to use the combined technology implementation of bouquets of flowers to make bouquets Technology glamelii. Master class on wedding bouquet of flowers is a practicing designer - Florist Andreeva Veronika. Veronica is a teacher at the rate of European floristry, ikebana "Sogetsu. Has five years experience working with students, more than 250 students. The prize-winner of the festival-competition "Flowers of Peace" - three "Crystal Rose". Vela Field School of Floristry in the magazine "Liza. Flowers in the house "in 2005-2006. "Flower" master class will be held on 23 and 24 April 2010, time of from 10 to 16 hours. Details on participation in a master class on the wedding bouquets by phone in Moscow: (495) 625-75-45

Training Centre florist

I want to say a few words and the center of flower arrangement. Training Center offers in-depth study of subjects for those who want to receive training in the specialty landscape designer and floral designer, florist acquire a new profession or to receive specialist status for the care of plants, florist seller to expand the range of professional interest to specialists in the care of a garden in matters a volume of flower beds, landscaping and roofs of growing plants in containers.


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