The oldest land plants 472 million years old - old-timers liverwort

Very interesting news from the world of plants and flowers have come today to us from overseas. Researchers discovered the remains of the oldest land plants - the age dispute liverwort (this plant is talk in the news), found in Argentina, is about 472 million years.

Age of the oldest land plants is 472 million years-old resident of liverwort

The work of scientists has been published in popular science journal New Phytologist, briefly wrote about her and foreign internet portal BBC News. The study authors collected samples of ancient rocks in the Andes in northwestern Argentina and in the laboratory treated them with acid solutions. In this way, scientists have been able to find fossilized spores of liverworts - primitive terrestrial plants, which are considered to be the first to colonize land. Age of the rock in which spores were found, ranging from 473 to 471 million years. The analysis showed that the spores of plants owned at least five families - which means that the first liverworts made landfall earlier than 473 million years ago, and this time managed to give several evolutionary branches of descendants. The researchers did not exclude the possibility that the plant came to land in the early Ordovician period, or even in the late Cambrian. Previous "champions of life among the plants were at least 10 million years younger, and their" homeland "were Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic. A year ago, another team of researchers published a paper plant with an even more impressive results. After analyzing the ratio of isotopes of carbon and oxygen in the sediment between the ages of one billion and 500 million years, scientists have concluded that the plant made landfall already 600-800 million years ago. This work has been controversial from the very many colleagues, authors of the publication of the plants storozhilah our planet. And we have to recall the good tradition of all visitors to our portal of flowers and plants that, if you have interesting news from the world of flora and fauna (especially Belarus), then send them to us and we will publish them on our site. Discuss the same news and articles about flowers and plants available at our forum, pre-registered course.


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