Landscapers Minsk celebrates 35 anniversary

In November 2010, landscapers Minsk celebrates 35 anniversary of its organization, with which our Belarusian portal about flowers and plants and their wishes. Questions gardening capital of the Republic of Belarus has always been significant and relevant as green spaces define the architectural and planning structure, which is formed and developed on the foundation of the interaction of urban and natural factors.

Landscapers Minsk celebrates its 35 th anniversary

Decision number 354 of 27 November 1975 the executive committee of the Minsk city council workers on improving the structure of enterprises green economy and measures to increase the pace of green building in the city of Minsk and its suburban areas "forest district economy has been transformed in Minsk Production Management Green Building (Minskzelenstroy ). At Minskzelenstroy been entrusted with the organization and management of specialized production enterprises and organizations on new construction, renovation, repair and maintenance of urban and suburban green facilities management, as well as the cultivation and implementation of tree, shrub and flower production. To date Minkowskian Enterprise Minskzelenstroy is a leading enterprise in the green economy of the Republic of Belarus. It is composed of 19 organizations that carry out work on the cultivation of flower and trees and shrubs, all types of construction, repair, reconstruction and maintenance of green areas, places of public recreation and protection of green space from diseases and pests in the Belarusian capital Minsk. Discuss this news you can count on our forum about plants.


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