Singing flowers in your home - a musical vase

World of plants and accessories to flowers and plants never ceases to amaze even the most enlightened people in these matters. Here and now came the interesting news from the world of accessories for flowers, specifically vases.

Singing flowers in your home - a musical vase

Foreign designers are working hard to challenge the introduction into the relationship of man and wildlife and the achievements of modern technology. South Korean designer Jung-Fa Li (Zhong-Fa Lie) introduced the world to its innovative design - a music vase for flowers. In addition to its core purpose - to serve the capacity in which the plant can survive, this vase can play music, acting as a player. Miracle vase was named Muse, what it means to muse. Zhong-Fa Lee claims that he created a vase is not only able to improve a person's mood, but, playing music, promotes better growth of plants in it. Of course, the preferred choice for such pots calm, soothing repertoire. "Enable" musical vase is very easy by installing a miracle bowl on a flat surface just need to turn it slightly to the right around its axis and you can enjoy your music. Designer provides the opportunity to upload a music bowl repertoire, based on the preferences of its owner. Recall that to discuss the newest and latest news from the world of flowers and plants can flower at the forum of Belarus.


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