Ukraine has discovered the oldest juniper in Europe

Interesting and entertaining news from the world of plants came from neighboring Ukraine. It was there, in the Crimea, and found a very old juniper tree that is claimed to be the champion, but it can carry.

Ukraine has discovered the oldest juniper in Europe

According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, 15-foot tree, which belongs to the species highest juniper, grows to a height Gogerdzhin (Dove), not far from how we express ourselves, the most southern point of the Crimea - Cape Sarich at Sevastopol. Self-without saying a trunk circumference, as everyone says, a huge juniper - practically, therefore, 5 meters. Juniper, finally found a scientific expedition that included scientists, environmentalists, members of the Sevastopol management of nature protection, forest rangers and volunteers. It must be emphasized that they attached to the juniper protective symbol. Self-without saying that the ministry as it adds that the tree, around which was built as instituted expressed, forest cordon (post as many put it, forest guards) are in terrible condition." "Nailed to a tree trunk the switch box, next to how many can be expressed, at least some time just might begin construction. It must be stressed that this tree is an urgent need to give the status of a monument of nature, establish reliance under the branches and fence" - report to the press Service expedition members. Imagine a fact that until that time in Ukraine was clear only one tree age of about 2 tysch, to say the years - the olive growing in Nikitsky Botanical Garden near Yalta Crimea. Recall that discuss all the news of our portal about plants in Belarus can be online in a specialized subject. Also in the catalog of plants and the subcategory "directory tree" can read the descriptions of various species of deciduous trees.


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