Greening of Minsk in October 2010 - Report Minskzelenstroya

On the first day of the last month fall of 2010 Belarusian company Minskzelenstroy on its official website has published a report on the landscaping and planting of Minsk.

On the landscaping and planting of Minsk in October 2010 - Report Minskzelenstroya

To bring in a proper sanitary condition of the area. Everyone knows that Minsk and training facilities greenish economy to be as seasonal work on the improvement and ongoing maintenance in the winter of enterprises UE Minskzelenstroy "planned range of activities for the care of lawns, paths, green-plantings, small construction forms, tree planting shrubs, long-lived and, as we used to say, bulbous flowers. According to plan events during the month of cleaning, landscaping and planting 1 to October 31, 2010 to remove the terrain on the area of 6,436 hectares, including in parks, squares, boulevards - 1456 ha. It must be emphasized that plant 14,000 trees, 80 000 pcs. shrubs. It goes without saying, are also provided during the month of repair parts and landscaping. As of October 31, 6154.1 hectares harvested, as we express ourselves, green areas (95,6%), from their streets - 1196.4 hectares of parks and squares - 1504 ha. I'd like to stress that cleared of littering and random debris 2000 ha of urban forests. It must be emphasized that planted 14,188 trees, 62,427 shrubs, 176.6 thousand units. flowers arranged 23.1 hectares of lawns. It would be bad if we did not note that during the month of worked out of the 33,720 man-days of enterprises UE Minskzelenstroy "and 8188 people, as everyone knows, lured. It's no secret that removed 14,300 cubic meters of leaves and debris, involved 3,720 pieces of equipment and 251 units. lured technology. Workshop on cultivation of ornamental shrubs and seedlings UE Minskzelenstroy is implementing over 23 tysch shrub, about 1 thousand and coniferous trees, including containers and 42 thousand and perennials. Everyone knows that on 28.10.2010, the shop sold 228 trees of different customers. For spring floral design, the It's no secret that Minsk, in the end, planted 176.6 thousand bulbs and long-lived plants, of them 104 thousand at the facilities management "Centre" UP "Minskzelenstroy.


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