Flying Colors of Technology kokedma (bonsai) from florists, Holland
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Designers, florists in the Netherlands decided in a special way to use in floral design and Japanese technology kokedma created the concept of "flying gardens or hanging gardens." Art kokedma - is growing plants in the balls, covered with moss. The unofficial name of this style - bonsai for the poor: the prisoners in a bowl of flowers roots can not grow, and plant remains small sizes.

Flying flowers from florists technology kokedma Holland

It is those same colors in the balls hung from the ceiling in the room, and with the growth of plants and pulling them gradually lowered. Impression that the flowers in small balls just floating in the air. Such a garden of flowers should be watered - only careful not to splash the floor. Pour a thin stream of water directly to the center of the ball of flowers. There is another way of original watering indoor plants (flying colors) - you need to briefly immerse the bowl with plants in a container with water. Moreover incorrect watering can harm the flowers on the technology Kokedama. One method for determining the correct watering, if there is enough water to keep the ball in his hands and see if it feels "heavy". If yes, then the ball just enough water to the roots. On the other hand, if the ball should feel "light", then watering is not required. Fill bowl with water to cover the top of the ball. Put the ball in the water and leave the mixture for 2-3 minutes. Remove the ball and gently squeeze the ball so that water soaks into the center. This should be enough irrigation for a few days. Photos hanging gardens of flowers


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