Landscape Park "Belarus" opens in Minsk
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Good news and bouquets of flowers came today from our Republic. AONB "Belarus" is likely to open in Minsk. The uniqueness of the new park is that it will be a place for the exhibition "Mini-Belarus" in the open. A territory of Belarus will repeat the contours of the globe. According to Belarusian journalists, such a proposal came from workers UE Minskproject.

Landscape Park of Belarus in Minsk

Place of residence of the new park can become a site bounded by streets Orel, complex BelExpo, Prospect winners and Valea lake. At the heart of Landscape Park settles exposition "Mini-Belarus". Zone areas of the architects propose to allocate lanes and distinctive landscape compositions. At the site of the city of Minsk, the regional centers, historical and natural attractions will be available layouts recognizable structures in the scale 1:25. It must be noted that these miniature museums of the country's open-air exhibits that have become models of famous architectural masterpieces have been created abroad and very popular among tourists. Park and bouquets of flowers, trees and structures with "Mini-Belarus" still in the plans. If it is approved, the project will take several years. From these and the latest floral and landscape works of man remembers floral clock in Kiev.


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