In Crimea, will increasingly be held flower festivals
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Today, next came "News of flowers and bouquets" from our neighboring Ukraine. The authorities of the Crimean Peninsula have decided to attract additional tourists by holding the flower festivals, exhibitions and fields. The leaders want to develop in the future, exports of flowers.

In Crimea, will increasingly be held flower festivals

Ukrainian Crimean authorities believe that the flower fields and festivals can attract tourists to the region no less than a flower festivals in neighboring Poland. And the benefits they see from several sides. On the one - such ads will surely attract fans to the Crimea flowers from around the world. And on the other - in the Crimea will be no more interruptions in their own colors, which can be themselves and to use, and export flowers. Today, the flower market dominated by foreign Crimea flowers. But local leaders believe it is fundamentally wrong. Head of the Ukrainian peninsula, said: Crimea, and he can fully meet domestic consumer demand for flowers. You must already start preparing for the Feast of flowers - Tulip Festival, which ARC is planning to hold next year. Then a year later at least the tulips in the Crimea will be exactly sold only their own.


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