Longest floral carpet in the world

Good news from the world of flowers and bouquets. On July 24, Ventspils, has been created by a carpet of colors, counting on the longish title of the floral carpet in the world. For being an adept of this masterpiece, watched the Guinness Book of Records Administration, and certified observers recorded the amount of carpet width of 1 m and a length of 1665.93 m.

Longest floral carpet in the world

Самый длинный цветочный ковер в мире

Until now, most longish worldwide are mat colors, designed from the flower petals in the Italian town Alatri in 1999, the length of the petal carpet was 1,475.86 MTR. In August, Ventspils by 720 years, prazdnichek campus will be held from 5 to 8 August. In honor of the residents of Ventspils and decided to glorify the name of a megacity birthmark on the entire world. In the creation of flower carpet outdoor Ostas attended by volunteers, of which 45 workers were organized teams. To implement this plan needed, except that not a hundred thousand pots of marigolds, begonias and alyssum. Flowers harvested in advance, among other things, almost all voluntary artists, to participate in this event, personally grown flowers particular to achieve the desired result of the action. According to the intentions of the initiators of the promotions, to enjoy this floral masterpiece will be possible for 3 days, and later the pots colors to become distributed to schools and preschools, and more of them will create a huge bed of flowers for the feast of the city. We remind you that you can always discuss the news from the world of flowers and bouquets at our forum.


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