Hemp is a drug-free - new varieties of hemp brought in Russia

Very interesting news from the world of plants came today from Russia. New varieties of hemp containing no drugs, led a team of specialists Research Institute of Plant. Vavilov, with the assistance of staff of the Federal Service for Drug Control of the Russian Federation.

Hemp is a drug-free - new varieties of hemp brought in Russia

конопля Hemp - is primarily a valuable crop, from which you can get strong textile fiber and edible oil. True, because some plant species can serve as a source of narcotic substance - tetrahydrocannabinol, it is not actively cultivated for more than ten years. Growers are alarmed about this, arguing over how useful actually produce and products from hemp. As reported in the Russian Institute, recently scientists have created a new textile and oilseed varieties disgraced grass - for the production of hemp (hemp fiber), and hemp oil. The research team of scientists looking for suitable varieties for further breeding throughout Russia. Southern class was given the name Omegadar 1, the two central Russian - Faith and Hope. If the fiber of new varieties has high strength and resistance to abrasion, the oil contains a good percentage of polyunsaturated fats. These substances help reduce blood cholesterol and are suitable for people with a penchant for cardiovascular disease. Experts do not exclude that in the near future because of hemp varieties bred in Russia will again sewing clothing and pressing the oil, like thousands of years ago. We hope such a cannabis appears in Belarus. Discuss this topic you can count on our forum about flowers and plants. More information about hemp can be found in our catalog of plants in "flower garden". Say no drugs !!!!!


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