IPM 2011 will take place from 15 to 28 January 2010

Fair Centre Messe Essen GmbH (Essen, Germany) - a meeting place for international business community in the technology of growing plants, floriculture and sales promotion for the area.

Exhibition plant IPM 2011 will take place from 15 to 28 January

The main thematic sections of the exhibition IPM 2011:
Plants: potted flowers, netsvetuschie plants, hydroponics, vegetables, plants, shrubs, cut flowers,
land and fertilizer and seeds.
Technology: the greenhouse, measuring and regulating equipment, heating plant, equipment and tools, plant protection, irrigation, cooling, transportation and hoisting equipment, vehicles, trailers.
Florists: Florist props, art and craft, floral decor, greeting cards, candles, dried and artificial flowers, basketry made of twigs, flower pots, china, glass, ceramics and pottery.
Trade Promotion
Garden Props
Store design and interior


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