In San Francisco the largest living Hall of plants - a new record from the world of plants

Every day and every minute in the world there are thousands of interesting events from the world of living plants. On some, the most interesting of these news we also talk on their pages. Today will tell a very interesting record from the world of plants and flowers.

In San Francisco, the biggest hotel lobby in the world with 300,000 items of wildlife

This week the International Tourism Day, celebrated in more than three dozen countries around the world, made us think about a variety of records and landmarks of our planet, created by nature or human hands. One of the world records in the field of architecture and phyto can be seen in the U.S.. It was there in the U.S. city of San Francisco has the largest live and vegetable "hotel lobby in the world. American Hotel Hyatt Regency San Francisco is rightly proud of hall space in 5243 square meters. M. Hall, with a ceiling height of 52 m turned into a unique space that is decorated with more than 300 thousand items of wildlife, which includes, besides a variety of fresh flowers, plants and live trees, even a real stream and waterfall.

Phytodesign - what phytodesign?

At the end of this news we want to remind his readers, those who forgot to tell those who do not know what phytodesign. Fitodesign (the name came from the ancient Greek - a plant and English design - to design, construct, build) - is targeted scientific justify the introduction of plants in interior design, office, apartment, room and registration in other areas according to their biological compatibility, environmental features, the ability to improve air quality in the selected area. Fitodesign also called the practice of creating herbal compositions for interior design, landscaping practice areas, as well as creating winter gardens, etc.


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