In 2010, in Minsk, killing many trees and shrubs

not really good news from Mara plant in Belarus. Director General of UP "Minskzelenstroy Igor Kushnerevich October 6, 2010 at a press conference in Minsk that the Belarusian capital, there is a problem of damage and loss of trees, shrubs and other plants.

In 2010, in Minsk, killing so many trees and shrubs - have a Minskzelenstroy

According to him, many trees are killed in Minsk because of the harmful effects of salt, which is sprinkled with the winter capital's roads. In the spring in some parts of Independence Avenue sodium content exceeds the norm by 3,2 thousand times, which leads to drying up of trees. The big problem are also diseases of trees. So in 2010 at the site of Independence Avenue from the Minsk City Executive Committee to tramways in the streets Kozlov had to completely replace all the trees. The old infected plants were planted about 400 young limes. Currently, however, experts Minskzelenstroya literally forced to nurse seedlings, because of illness trees Pridvorova territory covers new lime. According to him, harm green areas also cause adverse environmental conditions: a strong wind and rain. This summer, the city had to demolish more than 800 broken trees. Only Loshitsa park after a strong wind had been cut more than 200 damaged apple trees. In addition, some trees have cut down in connection with building new housing estates in Minsk. Meanwhile, planting trees is worth a lot of money. According to him, one sapling tree cost of 30 thousand rubles (10 USD) and above. Besides the big money and labor funds go to nursing of young plants in the city. Specialists tend to minimize the problem by planting new trees mainly in places where they can settle down: in new buildings, new residential districts, day care centers. If the tree is planted in accordance with the technology, the likelihood that it is accustomed, is around 95%. As the deputy general director of GAP, "Minsk city housing Galina Gilewicz, trees Pridvorova areas can be planted at the request of any local resident. However, the pre-housing organizations must ensure that the chosen location is suitable for planting trees: is not, for example, over the engineering services of our capital. Recall that discuss the news of our site about flowers and plants in Belarus can be in our forum about plants.


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