Belarus has designed new dendroparks

Good news from the world of flora and fauna from Belarus - we have designed new dendroparks. Dendro in our native Belarus, of course, were before, they are created through the efforts of specialists on forest cultures on the basis of a number of forests in the country. However, before this work is rather a hobby of individual workers' households.

Belarus has designed new dendroparks

And recently the Ministry of Forestry of Belarus has adopted a centralized "program to create a dendro forestries industry in 2011 - 2015 years." The purpose of creating such a network dendro - introduction of local people (us Belarusians), with a wealth of living and real wood. In the arboretum, where all the plants specially planted teams are equipped with signature tags and a brief information about each tree or bush, learn so easily, and the rest is so pleasant. Of course, before the forestry workers and is the most important task of enriching the local forests with new kinds of different plants. Creation of the park - it is very difficult and not a quick. Since nearly all young plants are planted, will take years before they grow up, showing a proud samples of forest kingdom of Belarus. To care for a new park plants and trees will provide a special staff, but the creators of the new program hopes to attract to bookmark dendro and care for as many people, especially Belarusian students and youth. According to the plans over time in the arboretum will be guided tours specially laid on the nature trail. There will be benches and a gazebo for relaxing and comfortable stay close to nature. In the spring of 2010 in organizations of Belarus Ministry of Forestry has 48 dendro laid down in previous years, as well as 267 mini-arboretum, which occupy an area of several hundred hectares. New program tasked with the creation of at least another 50 large and about 540 dendro them smaller.

What is an arboretum?

Many do not know what the arboretum. In fact, plain and simple, and the meaning of the word incorporated within it. Dendro (1) - a park that grows a variety, including rare species of trees, plants and shrubs. Dendro (2) - are artificial plantations of species of plants from different climate and natural areas, buyout created for the convenience of study and observation of them. Well, just do this concept came from the arboretum (from the Greek. Δένδρον: tree) or arboretum (from Lat. Arbor: tree) - is an area reserved for cultivation in the open ground woody plants (trees, shrubs, vines), razmeschaemyeh on a systematic, geographical, ecological, ornamental and other characteristics. From this zone the arboretum, designed for public recreation called the arboretum (3).


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