Flower Workshop "Wedding floristry in the intricacies and details" in Russia
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The flower workshop brought together florists from all over the Stavropol region, who came not just to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of flowers and bouquets, but also to get acquainted with one of the most prominent figures of the national flower arrangement - the creative director of the seminar, the president of the Floristic Union of Russia Natalya Korneyeva , whose efforts in our country there is now a profession florist.

Flower Workshop in Russia

Together with the President " Floristic Union , to conduct master classes for flowers and bouquets arrived champions team championship of Russia on a floral arrangement in 2008, master florist higher qualification Elena Belousova and Andrey Isakov. As it turned out, for the President Floristic Union Lecture in Stavropol was the debut. Natalia Nikolaevna admitted that she is even slightly worried, because she no longer practices, rather than a theoretician. All of her knowledge, all pins, all achievements - the fruit of many years of work. Almost 20 years N. Korneev headed floral company, N.A.T., which equips and prepares the interiors for the activities of international and state level, provides the services of their compositions and federal authorities. The main objectives of the flower workshop, which put the organizers of the seminar was successfully completed. The theoretical part in which eliminated the theoretical gaps participants, harmony gave way to a demonstration of best-selling products and most relevant ideas in all genres of wedding floristry. In just a few couple of hours before the astonished eyes of the participants appeared 14 unique wedding bouquet of flowers in the performance of different techniques that meet the latest trends in floral fashions.

But the main task of the flower of the seminar was the practice, it is no wonder he called the "advance" knowledge and skills will enable participants to reach the leaders of the profession, to successfully compete in the market of floral services. In addition to new knowledge and skills of the participants received certificates from registered Floristic Union of Russia.


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