Orchids can smell and rotten meat, the smell of flowers orchids
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Fans and admirers of flowers orchids do not cease to show the world how rich and varied, this small flower world. This time they decided to place special emphasis on the smell. All florists know that most of the plants smell very nice. But perhaps no other family of colors does not have such a range of a variety of odors, which are not always nice.

Orchids can smell and rotten meat

So, on the ground there is one type of orchid, which is not fertilized by bees and flies. And the flies are known to entail the smells that we do not consider enjoyable. So: this type of orchid lures them smell of rotting meat. If you grow these flowers are orchids in the greenhouse, visitors have to walk in respirators, because the smell will be there in the morgue, where the pull out. Also, experts tell us that the orchid may be the most unexpected sizes - from our usual few tens of centimeters to two meters in length and 120 centimeters in diameter flower. Some orchid flowers, by contrast, barely grows to the size of a human fingernail. No less shocking and durability of certain types of orchids that can grow even in Alaska. Therefore, to grow orchids at home is not so difficult, experts say. The main thing in the care of these colors - not to surround them with care and not over-pour.


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