Flower Map of Ukraine appeared in Lviv
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Today, the good news of flowers and bouquets came from Western Ukraine. In Lviv, the second time in a row have opened a floral map of our neighbor, Ukraine. For the first time the color map have developed a little less than a year ago - then the grand opening was held in late summer 2009.

Flower Map of Ukraine

Besides the beauty of flowers, elegance and fragrance, this card is then presented to Ukraine, a new record - it made in the Ukrainian Book of Records as the largest map of the country. The area of the current flower card is 100 square meters, and for its creation took 3,600 plants. The main colors of cards - purple, white and light green, and to achieve a color effect helped lavender, begonia, plektrantus, Chlorophytum and geyhera. It is these flowers, and became the basis of flower cards. Discuss this news you can on the forum about the plants and flowers.


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