Open Russian Championship on Professional Floristry 2010

September 2-3, 2010 in the scale of the International Exhibition "Flowers 2010 Championship will be held RF Professor Floristry 2010. Organizer competition NP National Guild of Florists.

Open Russian Championship on Professional Floristry 2010 with the participation of Belarus

This year in the league participate familiar florists, favorites and winners of regional competitions from the capital, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Samara, Dimitrovgrad, Perm, and Minsk. Theme contest florists: "Time and images". In the large conference room of the exhibition "Flower" wide celebration of a decade the National Guild of Florists in the non-stop demonstrations held concerts of famous artists, florists and favorites of the Russian Federation Championships last years: Irene Trenev, Elena Zakharova, Pavel Chernyak, Ludmila Bondarchuk, Konstantin Lazarev , Alena Permyakova, Roman Zarubin, Alexander Bermyakov, Galina Werth, Alla Zababurin, Vyacheslav Rosca, Larissa Kravchenkovoy, Mary Lapshin Maxim Zolotukhin, Yelena Dmitrieva Tatyana Voronina, Andrei Makarov, and Catherine Samoilovich. We invite all eager to come to this memorable event from the world of plants and flowers. General sponsor of the championship of Russia on Flora - «STARLIGHT CASH & CARRY» General information sponsor of the championship is on the good tradition of the magazine was "Flower". We wish Belarusian participants of the Russian championship on Flora 2010 success!


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