Japanese scientists have found that a bouquet of flowers helps to cope with stress
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The good news of colors. Japanese scientists have come close to yet another discovery in the field of flowers and bouquets. Everyone knows that the time given a bouquet of flowers brighten the mood. But just now, scientists led by Akio Nakamura was scientifically confirm that floral scents reduce stress levels and reduce its effects.

Japanese scientists have found that a bouquet of flowers helps to cope with stress, bunches of flowers against stress

However, while experiments conducted on rats. The experiment is as follows. Rats were artificially introduced into the state of stress and then allowed to sniff the substance linalool, which is present in many flowers and plants. As a result, scientists have noted that pathological changes in the molecules of the blood, which usually causes stress, does not occur. Experiments on humans have not yet carried out, so do not know whether linalool as effective in complex human organism. We as always remind you that on our site you can order flowers and bouquets with delivery in Minsk, thus pleased and surprised his friends and relatives. Choose the same bouquet of flowers with delivery is possible in our catalog of flowers and bouquets of orchids, lilies, carnations, daisies, chrysanthemums, gerberas, tulips and roses.


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