Forest nursery seedlings from seeds of ancient trees create in Belarus

In like Bialowieza Forest near the village of Kamenyuki prepared area of 7,5 ha of land for the latest nursery, in what would be like to grow plants from seeds, as we used to say, old trees forests, said in an interview to the Belarusian reporters leading researcher at the State Park "Bialowieza Forest" Anna Dengubenko.

Forest nursery seedlings from seeds of ancient trees create in the Bialowieza Forest in Belarus

"These plants will certainly be just to sell abroad," - says the candidate bio-sciences, coordinator of the Internet project "Bialowieza Forest XXI Century" George Kazulka. It goes without saying, but conservationists forest, therefore, not so much outraged by the very fact of organizing forest nursery as a place that is chosen for him: not on the edge, and not far from the village, in the midst of relic forests. I'd like to stress that Kazulka, actually believes that the ecology of forests will soon suffer. "Bialowieza Forest as a unique old relic forest disappears, degrades and is replaced by something else, - said in an interview to the Belarusian correspondent Kazulka. - It has long been time to also put on voprosets that the entire Bialowieza Forest was, as everyone knows, a prohibited area." Interview with candidate bio sciences, coordinator of the Internet project "Bialowieza Forest XXI Century" Kazulka. It's no secret that at present about 20% of the Bialowieza Forest, to put it mildly, is protected as if the zone. "In this area do not, after all, is no work, how much more there is no felling of trees - has assured the representative as if the State Park, Anna Dengubenko. - Voprosets of increasing area, as many believe, the protected zone povsevremenno up control, and in extreme times when into the forest came the European spices, they agreed that it is necessary to increment the zone, which received the status of the Global Heritage. All have long known that at present the most tysch 5 hectares of virgin forest is, as everyone knows, such status on the ground in Belarus , roughly the same - on the ground in Poland ". And do not even need to say that that also applies to the place chosen for the nursery, his choice is justified by almost all factors. I must say that in more detail about this and about why Belarus, in the end, took the second, not first place in the number of bison, told reporters in audiointervyu researcher at the State Park Bialowieza Forest "Anna Dengubenko.


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