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In Crimea, the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, solemnly opened "Ball of tulips." Predict the opening date of the holiday in advance was impossible - it depended on when the tulips will decide to dissolve. About 100 thousand colors, finally blossomed under the open sky, and Ball tulips officially declared open.

In Crimea, discover Tulip Ball

A total of Nikitsky botanical garden grows about 400 different varieties of tulips. To participate in the "Tulip Ball" of them bloomed about 150 varieties. Especially for this day members of Nikita Botanical Gardens planted 120,000 bulbs! "Ball of tulips will last about 3 weeks. As the traditional "Chrysanthemum Ball," at "Baloo Tulips" will be selected the best variety tulips. Organizers Flower Ball says it plans to make this an annual tulip festival alive. This is not one last good news, flowers and bouquets, please note that you can order a bouquet of tulips delivery to Minsk. Acquainted with these bunches of flowers can be in our section tulips in Minsk. What exactly to choose tulips as a gift, and that these flowers and their colors means you can in the "flower article" Spring Flowers tulips.


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