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New technologies and innovations poyavlyaeyutsya not only in the computer or Hi-Tech of human life. This confirmation of landscape design, in which the last time a huge number of new directions, ideas, etc. In this article we will talk about what bathing or swimming pool.

Bathing or swimming pool that is?

The swimming pond is a pond, divided by a deep area for swimming and shallow area with water and filtration plants, which act as natural water regenerators. The main advantages of such a body of water: pure water, decorative elements and saves space on the site. In developed European countries, the first bathing ponds have appeared in the late eighties the 20 th century. At that time they were considered exotic and new to the unit of landscape design, but not everyone enjoyed the full trust. Currently, swimming (swimming pools) have won quite widely known and often found in public places and on private plots of many Belarusians. Basis of each swimming pool - is a special pit whose depth depends on the level of groundwater. If your yard is situated in an elevated and underground water are not available, it is desirable to seek the advice of these professionals, of whom the way in Minsk, not so much. By acting at random, without the help of a specialist in landscape design, you can instead of the pond to get a real quagmire.

Device, care for bathing pond

Pond in which plants are planted, you can cooperate with a swimming pool, if delineate the zone of regeneration (in other words, the zone of plants), and bathing area. Everyone knows that the more like the first zone, the purer the pond. Few people know that the principle that plants do not fall into the zone of swimming. It must be emphasized that for this it is recommended just to build a separation, how we express ourselves, the concrete wall at 20-30 cm below the water level. I'd like to emphasize that the purpose of sealing of such structures are more flexible use waterproofing. It must be emphasized that under the film over a sand cushion underlie, as everyone knows, the layer fliza or burlap. Of course, we all know very well that the roots so that algae sits firmly in the soil is not washed out, the soil should be viscous, contain clay, bottom mud, sapropel. It's no secret that lay the ground in the area of swimming, to put it mildly, is not necessary. Plants from the zone of regeneration consume an unlimited amount of nutrients as it does not like people are used to express, giving the ability of algae to grow. It's no secret that the best depth of the zone for swimming - 130-170 cm

A mixed body of water: swim, fish and grow plants

It goes without saying-mixed reservoir finally cleans itself without the introduction of chemical reagents. In such a pond, everything is interconnected: the water finally feeds the plants, the plants also purify water and provide food for fish, fish eat the larvae of mosquitoes and dead of flora, therefore, fall into the way people used to express that are required for the growth of other microorganisms trace elements. I must say that the role, as many think, a dividing wall, actually, can play tight, as many think, stretched chicken wire mesh. Of course, we all know very well that a similar body of water can be used for a couple of years, then the grid must change. It should be noted that a significant defect in retina barrier lies in the fact that it is ephemeral, plus admits, as people are used to express, a huge constant, if just a concrete wall. Bottom and shore mixed bathing pond should be very close to natural. Few people know that the stones do not just give the crumbling sand and gravel, and a gentle slope guarantees, as we are constantly talking, a huge safety than the shiny slippery ladder of standard pool. Please note that the swimming pool, as opposed to smelling, as everyone knows, chlorine pool - a comfortable place to relax. Few people know that its sandy shoals probably become, as people are used to express, the beloved place for kids. Everyone knows that fish in the pond as part of the ecosystem is extremely desirable, because, actually, eat mosquito larvae and other living in water, as many are expressed, and insects. Everyone knows that with the advent of cold weather better fish to catch and relocate to the cabin in an aquarium. Everyone knows that in the pond so to say divorce is not just like aquarium fish - it excellent feel and carp. And do not even need to say that, at a cost of pond pool almost all spices, therefore, equate to the cost of 3.2 acres, as we are constantly talking, ground station. I must say that the swimming pool as a natural element of a highly functional environment with Prof. approach as it fit into building an ensemble is actually at least some of the site.

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