Lawn care - the basic rules of care in Belarus: watering fertilizing mulching mowing aeration packing of fungicide weeding
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Beautiful and healthy lawn - it's smooth surface, sharp edges, correctly trimmed grass of the same texture and color without weeds, moss, bald patches, wetlands, or pureed zones, fungal infections, and traces of life of lawn pests. Recommendations presented here will help you if you do not achieve perfection, or at least much closer to the coveted sleek form a lawn.

Lawn care - basic rules

1. Lawns. The lawn should be watered as needed. It is recommended to water the lawn in the evening, after sunset, so that water does not evaporate and absorbed. When watering the lawn should consider the type of soil on which it grows. On sandy soils, irrigation should be performed at least 1 time in 2-3 days on clay soils of a once in 5-7 days. By watering the soil should be moistened with not less than 5 cm in depth.
2. Fertilizing lawns. Growing on the lawn grasses are constantly exposed to mechanical stress - mowing, trampling. Therefore, a regular fertilizing. In the first year after planting grass on the lawn in greatest need of nitrogen and phosphorus. After clipping is recommended to bring the soil lawn fertilizer complex. In the spring we recommend using complex fertilizer № 1 "Spring - Summer, and fall fertilizer complex number 2, Summer - Autumn." Organic fertilizers, such as humus, compost, are also needed turf. They should make the surface in early spring or late fall.
3. Mowing the lawn - is systematic work, which improves the lawn grass. Regular and proper grooming increases its density, prevents the spread of weeds and gives the lawn well-groomed appearance. Cut should be at least 1 time in 4-5 days to a height of 4 cm from the soil surface. It should be remembered that for one haircut to cut no more than 1 / 3 of the leaf blades. Spend mowing the lawn only when the soil and the grass is dry. Electric lawn mowers and wet grass - are incompatible. In addition, the wet grass clogs the mower blade and hurts himself lawn: the remnants of grass are beginning to rot, resulting in the lawn may appear bald spots. The edges of the lawn after cutting dub trimmer - to give greater clarity of forms.
4. Mulching lawn. This operation helps preserve the nutrients in the soil of the lawn, adjust it and reduce evaporation. Mulching is sometimes referred to as earthing or peskovaniem. For this procedure, mainly used sifted humus, or a mixture of sand with compost or humus. Before you start mulching lawn vychesyvayut fan-rake, removing the grass felt, puncture spikes or forks. Then the grass is sprinkled with a mixture of about 0,5 cm layer after mulching lawn prometayut fan-rake or broom.
5. Aeration of the lawn - this event lawn care, which consists in piercing the soil throughout the lawn's surface to the penetration of air and water in the soil. On the necessity of this procedure indicates thinning of turf, its rapid browning in dry weather, overgrown with moss. Typically, these symptoms appear or trampled places, or where because of its physical properties of the soil is compacted independently. This can result in frequent watering and heavy clay soils. Most often, turf pierce hollow forks that every 10 - 15 cm just stick in the ground and removed from it. This is quite enough to lawn to "breathe."
6. Removing weeds: Their emergence can be prevented at the stage of bookmarks lawn. To do so, before laying a lawn to dig the earth, removing all plants. And if a lot of weeds, it is necessary to process all the soil herbicides continuous action. To control the spread of weeds can be applied herbicides selective action.
7. Rolling lawns. Consolidation of the soil - is superficial tillage with a view to aligning, removing humps and bumps, preserving moisture in the ground. Rolling must be performed in early spring.
8. Processing lawn fungicide to avoid the spread of fungal diseases.


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