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We continue to talk about the lawns on the Belarusian mission of landscape design and landscaping. To create a sports turf is best to use grasses. Grains are divided into three groups: ryhlokustovye, plotnokustovye and rhizome. Ryhlokustovye and plotnokustovye differ from rhizomatous tillering node.

Sports turf from A to Z - choice of grass for sports and football turf

For example, meadow fescue, tillering node lies in the soil, and shoots diverge at the ground and grow apart from each other. Plotnokustovye cereals bushes on the other, the tillering nodes they are located just above the soil, and shoots all powered from a single root. That is why the young shoots often pressed to the already viable stems. A single bush looks like a small hillock, which in old pastures can reach sizes of gravel. Plotnokustovye grasses undesirable for a sports turf.

In another look at the tillering node rhizomatous grasses - they are in the soil. Young shoots emerging from the soil at some distance from the ground, the mother plant. Even before entering the earth's surface to escape appearing nodes, internodes and roots. There are intermediate options tillering, these include, for example, rhizomatous - ryhlokustovoy type, which is of particular interest to the maker of sports turf, since the roots of grasses, interwoven bundles form a perfectly smooth and dense turf, just the same as required for sports the lawn. As the best grass in the formation of a sports turf can be advised well-known Kentucky bluegrass. In the dense and flat turf he has a large number of small leaves in the basal region of shoots. Most of the roots in the upper soil layer at the same time a certain fraction of the roots sprout deep enough. This plant is very resistant to trampling, mowing if necessary, after the meadow grass again covered a lot of leaves. Very good resistance to both cold winter conditions and drought. If a lawn is watered regularly, it will retain its fresh green until late fall and in the same green leaves under the snow. This is important especially for sports turf.

The advantages of the use of bluegrass include fashionable and unpretentious, but we must remember that it will grow on poor soils with a high acidification. Better suited him loose parts, which he very quickly will delay durable felt.

The second valuable perennial grass family, which we can recommend for a sports turf - long-term ryegrass. Has a diffuse thick bushes shoots, tillering rhizomatous type transition - in ryhlokustovoy. Different light, delicate and smooth grass turf. Lawn with ryegrass can often be cut, he carries it very easily. After another haircut plant begins kusti even better turf becomes thicker and thicker. After many years of planting rye grass rises on the seventh day. We must note that in the initial stages of growth it is acting aggressively towards other plants. If it is not to mow in a timely manner, it can suppress the growth of other herbs in mixtures. Ryegrass responds well to fertilizing and watering. For it is preferable to lime soils. Of the minuses can be called a bad frost. In this regard, the spring will have to re-seed the dead parts of ryegrass on the lawn.

Red fescue and meadow - two cereals, proven to create a sports turf. This is a rhizomatous perennial grasses, with an excellent ability to set the bushes and vegetative shoots. Their gentle, soft leaves are narrow and are located primarily in the lower region of the shoots. Fescue meadows are not afraid, very rapidly after podstrizhki. They are not afraid of cold and long winter. Early sprout in the spring and are resistant to trampling.

Sowing grass sports better pursue until the end of June. Most suitable for planting in May, June and August, and September. If this is not possible, you can sow and a winter in October and early November. The air temperature in this case must not be less than plus three plus five degrees.

Recommended standard for seeding 4 kilograms per 100 square feet. If you decide to build a football pitch, remember that it is grown in exactly the same as any sports turf. Therefore, any difficulties in growing soccer turf should arise.


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