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Recently, many suburban residents and vacationers who are "experienced" mind the old post-Soviet past is increasingly decide on their site instead of potatoes or beets to plant and grow a beautiful lawn. Especially for those people we describe in this article about landscape design, how to plant the grass, what time is more favorable for planting a lawn, and how to care for gozonami immediately after sowing.

Sowing a lawn, or how to properly plant a lawn?

The choice of specific herbs or mixtures depends on the purpose of your future lawn light particular area of land. It is very important not to make the wrong choice, if the site partially or completely obscured outbuildings or large and tall trees. Buying seeds for the future of the lawn, you need to accurately calculate their number. How to plant, for sowing grass seed should be 40-50 g per 1 m 2 or 4-5 kg per 1 sq.m. plot. In addition, we must also add a certain amount of seed for overseeding and lawn repair - from about 0,5 to 1 kg per sq.m.. In order to create a first class lawn you require more than one year! - Which is why the lawn seed buy at the rate of seeding for 2-3 years, taking into account that storage for a year germination is reduced by 1-2%. The best time of sowing the lawn - it's spring or early autumn when the soil is warm and fairly dry. In autumn it is important to correctly calculate the time that the grass has had time to grow to a height of 10 cm before the frost. In this case, you must remember that in the fall, plants grow significantly more slowly than in the spring. With proper approach to the preparation, planting and lawn care, it is possible to sow during the summer, even in the heat, though, you have to regularly and water the plants or to protect crops of special covering materials such as lutrasila or Agrotexim. On the slopes can be used for sowing grass geogrid or even a simple gauze, through which the seeds germinate freely then your gazonchika. If the soil in your area not sealed and there are traces of the shoe, then seyalschiku recommended to use the board, short, wide skis. Along with seeding a lawn you can immediately make and complex mineral fertilizer (preferably that have prevailed in the fertilizer nitrogen). Seeds are sown usually manually by a special drill (it can be taken in Minsk for rent), preferably in a dry and windless weather. Before sowing the seeds of the lawn it is thoroughly mixed, adding there sand or dry land (in a ratio of one for one). Half of the seed lawn distribute itself on the soil surface, runs along the entire section, the remaining seeds - across the infield. Places along the tracks and on the edge of the lawn is seeded with a little bit thicker. Sow the seeds of the lawn lightly rake into the soil close up. A very important point after seeding a lawn is a good and timely watering. Make watering usually in the evening, pouring a soft sprinkling abundantly, so that moisture has penetrated into the ground at a depth of 10 cm, avoiding the formation of puddles and stagnant water. When summer sowing in dry hot weather is very important to water the plants daily, with severe drought, even 2 times a day. Careful watering lawns novoposazhennogo lasts until the mass emergence. When autumn lawn seeding, usually go without irrigation, because soil and so wet because of rain. Shoots of new lawn appear on a 7-day 21 after sowing, depending on weather conditions. On average, germination requires 2 weeks. we hope our article about "sowing the lawn" was useful for you. Ask a question or help someone then posted on the planting of lawns you can on our Belarusian Forum of landscape design . If you have your beautiful photos of the lawn in your yard, you can send them to us and we will publish them on the pages of our photo galleries.


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