Preparing the lawn for winter
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Admire the beautiful lawns and lawns in the summer and spring, of course, love it. But not all know that it is necessary to properly prepare a lawn for "winter." How to do it correctly, read this article about landscape design in Belarus.

How to prepare your lawn for "winter"?

Lawns in the fall. Repairing warped sod lawn, spend gvozdevanie lawn and puncturing intermittent land, bring in the right bit of peat, sand and humus (vermicompost) make phosphate and potash fertilizers. Everyone knows that to fertilizers often only include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Response to phosphate and potash fertilizers hard to see, but it does not diminish their significance in terms of getting healthy, as we used to say, the grass cover. It must be emphasized that the usefulness of phosphorus just manifested in the strength of germs and rooting. And, indeed, excellent and validated the usefulness of potassium, which, actually, confers resistance to stress. It would be bad if we did not note that the application of potassium in large quantities than is necessary for growth, can give, as everyone knows, additional resistance to stress. In October, the height of the grass was adjusted to the desired podzimnego level (it seems to depend on the composition of herbage and climate zone). Everyone knows that the last cut is carried out, if necessary, in November. It's no secret that the winter lawn, in the end, was purified from leaf fall and other debris. It's no secret that the last cut should podgadat so that the plants until frost had time to grow to about 7 cm mowing the lawn just stopped in the autumn season, when he set the average temperature 10. leave grass for the winter, as we used to say, more than 10 cm in height - it also will prevent the lawn from freezing. Mulching wire first autumn. And do not even need to say that before the mulch spend a haircut and treat a lawn rake to clean it from felt and other organic material, accumulated over the season. I'd like to emphasize that the moderately scattered on the lawn's surface texture at the rate of 2-4 kg / sq. m. It should be noted that on the way people are accustomed to their language, languid clay soil before mulching spend nakalyvanie site as we are constantly talking, garden fork. At the end of the season, weather conditions, in general it may be conducive to upgrading the field that you can run late into the autumn season. I'd like to stress that oposlya, as everyone knows, a strong aeration just recommended to vertical thinning lawn and tilling the land surface. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that later carried out additional seeding consistency, having, as usual, the highest resistance to trampling, and has, as everyone knows, fast growth, for example, this is generally what might be bluegrass, as we used to say, meadow , ryegrass and tall fescue long as many think, the highest. And do not even need to say that the seed at a rate of 2 kg per 100 square meters. m. Note that the iron rake or mat for covering ground areas covered with a layer with, as everyone knows, rare as we used to say, grass. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that a large portion of seeds may like to lie on the ground all winter, and actually might be ready to germinate raneshney how many can be expressed in the springtime.
Lawns in the winter. Do not break as it formed snow on your site. Everyone knows that skiing, playing children, walking with pets are better at the height of snow on the grass, 20-25 cm It is also possible that like the steppe regions and, as we are constantly talking, scavenged areas with a low layer of snow snow retention spending to increase the resilience of grass to winterkill. And indeed, in certain regions of Russia during the winter falling wet snow or rain, which oposlya snow area, finally, is covered by ice, as we express ourselves, a crust that prevents the penetration of oxygen to the breathing plants and promotes accumulation of carbon dioxide in the snow layer under the crust - so say leads to the "strangulation" of plants. It must be emphasized that destroy the way we express ourselves, the ice crust by conventional rakes and other tools. Recall that the mation and discuss this material, and other publications about landscape design you can on the forum otsvetah and plants.


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