Lawn in the spring, repairs and preparation of lawns for the season
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Spring - a time when wildlife is finally starting to come to life from its winter sleep. Open defects landscaping your infield. How to fix it and we will cover in this article about landscaping and concrete lawn as spring is time to repair the lawn.

Lawn in the spring - a spring lawn repair and preparation for the season

If bare patches were formed, either newly podseyat grass or neatly cut and remove damaged turf, cut the new sod of the same size and configuration of the roll (or alternate) lawn and put it on the damaged area. For convenience, you can cut out of paper or film template to fit the damaged area and use it for cutting out the sod, then the job will be done accurately and precisely. Sutures pour soil, if necessary - in stitches podseyat grass, to sweep away the excess soil and watered periodically until the repaired area is not accustomed. If suddenly your lawn, there were small depressions or irregularities, they can zarovnyat a thin layer of special soil mix for leveling lawns. Prepare it from the peat, humus (or sod the land) and sand. If the clay soil at the site, get these ingredients in the proportions: peat - 1 part humus - 2 parts sand - 4 parts. For the loamy soil ratio of these components should be 1:4:2, and 1:4:1, respectively, for sand. This mixture gently to sleep irregularities, level back side rake and a broom, or reformats hard fan-rake. It's time to prepare the ground for a new lawn. The more carefully you do this, the fewer problems will be later. Dig up selected for the lawn area by selecting the stones, debris, roots, weeds down to the smallest. Smooth out the area rakes, achieving an ideal filler surface. If the soil is not fertile, sprinkle the top layer of earth mixture (its composition is described above) or black earth, in which well add complete fertilizer and lime if the soil is acidic. Smooth out carefully and prikatayte soil lawn roller or small a log. Prepared as part should shower and leave for 1-2 weeks, so that the soil has settled and germinated weeds. After this period holds weeds or remove them boronuya soil. If your site a lot of stubborn rhizome weeds, sprinkle with Roundup. Re-align and seal the soil and then proceed with the planting of grass. Such a prolonged training may seem to some too complicated and unnecessary, but believe me, to make and maintain a beautiful lawn is not easy. Better once all carefully prepared, than to endlessly to repair, weed and sow the lawn with landscaping of the site. Recall that discuss this article, as well as ask questions and get qualified answers can be on our Belarusian forum about landscape design and landscaping.


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