Alpine Slide (rock garden) - basic concepts
Landscape Design - Alpine Slide

You are not in the Alps - you are in Belarus. Well start at the outset, we give a definition. Alpine hill or rock garden - a rocky garden fantasy style, get wide distribution in the late XIX - early XX century., Its purpose - showing the flora of alpine highlands. Alpine hill - is one of the main sections in the category of landscape design.

Alpine Slide (rock garden) - the basic concepts of the rocky garden

Everyone knows that they did not require reference to the place, their limited karebrikom or stones. Everyone knows that the center, as we used to say, alpine slides served as a powerful stone, or group of stones, symbolizing the mountain peak. It must be emphasized that the alpine slides were valued for their beauty rather than for their compliance with the requirements of plants. Needless-to say, the tuff is, therefore, is adjacent to the granite, limestone, even with fragments of columns, the ruins. I'd like to stress that later in the Alpine hills were actually might grow as well, and other plant-like in its appearance, as everyone knows, rock. Of course, we all know very well that the modern interpretation of the alpine slides - "rocky hill". In the near future, Alpine hills as it got huge popularity due to its own decoration. Everyone knows that to be the same as the beauty of the rocky slopes of the constant, in the end, is pretty for a man. It's no secret that almost everything is on their own sites have alpine slides, others perhaps just dreaming about it. All have long known that but also to use this element in the design of the garden is not as easy as it seems at first glance. And do not even need to say that the very principle that, as many think, alpine garden to blend in with its surroundings, and did not look normal loose stones. Alpine hill: - traditional despite the fact that, therefore, requests a large area and how people used to be expressed, certain knowledge in the field of construction. I must say that before you do, as many think, alpine slides, it should be, actually, to think, whether it is appropriate it will also look specifically at your site? At malehankih alpine garden plots will be to put it mildly, look very much as usual, massive, so that the outcome will be, how people used to be expressed, unattractive. Tastefully produced as usual, alpine garden becomes an ornament at least some of the landscape, but our experts at all the time, to put it mildly, facilitate for you in this. Better once to behold photos alpine slides than 100 times without success to remake invented his own version. As if this were not enough, but using a photo, you can not blindly imitate, but only to get the whole basis for the creation of their own, as we used to say, unique rock garden. Discuss this article on landscape design can be in the appropriate section of our forum about the plants on "forum stony gardens. This is our first article on landscape design, but certainly not the last.


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